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Applied Motion Products

Applied Motion Products specializes in high-precision, cost-effective motion control products. They offer a full complement of stepper and servo, drives, motors, controllers, gearheads, and power supplies to serve a diverse industrial and OEM customer base.


StepSERVO™ is the next evolution in step motor technology. Consisting of a proven integrated motor design with a high-resolution 5000 line incremental encoder (20,000 counts/rev) and closed-loop servo firmware.

  • Closed-loop servo control using high torque step motors
  • High acceleration for faster machine cycles and greater productivity
  • Energy efficient, cool running
  • All-in-one compact solution
  • IP65 versions for wet and dusty environments

StepSERVO Information

Stepper Drives

Stepper Drivers

Applied Motion stepper drives offer advanced current control with features such as microstepping and microstep emulation, anti-resonance and torque ripple smoothing, all designed to maximize the performance of your stepper system.

  • Two-phase, bipolar step motor drives
  • Step (pulse) & direction, CW/CCW pulse, A/B quadrature pulse options
  • Stand-alone execution of stored programs using your choice of two popular programming environments: Si Programmer™ and Q Programmer™

Stepper Drives Information

Stepper Motors

Stepper Motors

Applied Motion specializes in offering two-phase, hybrid step motors in NEMA sizes 8, 11, 14, 17, 23, 24, and 34, both in standard and high torque designs. Applied Motion step motors are designed to work optimally with Applied Motion stepper drives.

  • High torque design
  • High-bus voltage operation
  • Microstepping performance

Stepper Motor Information

Integrated Steppers

Integrated Steppers

STM integrated drive+motors fuse step motor and drive components into a single device.

  • Space saving design
  • Reduces wiring and saves cost
  • NEMA 17, 23 and 24 frame sizes

Integrated Stepper Information

Servo Drives

Servo Drive

Full-featured servo motor drives in a variety of control options ranging from step (pulse) & direction, CW/CCW pulse, A/B quadrature pulse, analog torque and velocity, and streaming serial commands.

  • Stand-alone execution of stored programs using: Si Programmer™ and Q Programmer™
  • Quick Tuner™ for easy setup and tuning the servo system
  • Control modes includes: torque mode, velocity mode, and position mode

Servo Drives Information

Servo Motors

Servo Motors

High-torque brushless servo motors in NEMA and metric frame sizes.

  • M series motors come in a 40, 60, or 80 mm frame size
  • V series motors come in NEMA 17, 23, and 34 frame sizes
  • Specifically designed to work with Applied Motion servo drives

Servo Motors Information

Brushless DC Drives

Brushless DC Drives

These brushless DC drives are based on advanced control technology that features excellent performance and ease of use.

  • High performance, simple setup and low cost in a compact design
  • Motor velocity over a wide speed range is controlled via analog or digital inputs
  • Two on-board trimpots make setup simple
  • Dynamic braking enables the motor to stop quickly

Brushless DC Drives Information

Brushless DC Motors

Brushless DC Motors

These brushless DC motors offer long life and low maintenance for applications requiring stable velocity control over a wide speed range.

  • Three-phase brushless motors provided with hall signals for commutation and velocity loop feedback
  • Metric frame sizes
  • Optional gearheads for applications demanding high torque
  • Performance-matched for use with our line of brushless DC drives

Brushless DC Motors Information

Gear Heads

Gear Heads

Applied Motion offers a complete range of pure planetary gearheads for use in precision applications with step and servo motors.

  • High torque ratings and low backlash
  • NEMA sizes 17, 23, and 34, as well as some metric frame sizes
  • Wide range of ratios

Gear Heads Information

Clayton Controls is an Applied Motion Products distributor in California. We offer technical support to help our customers solve their applications.

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