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AVENTICS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pneumatic components, systems, and customer-specific applications. The pneumatic engineering company provides products and services for industrial automation, while additionally focusing on the sectors of commercial vehicles, food and beverage, railway technology, life sciences, energy, and marine technology.

Series AV03/AV05 ValvesAVo3 valves

The new AVENTICS AV (Advanced Valve) pneumatic directional control valves are smaller, lighter and more efficient than most similar valves. The unique diagonal shape of the valve optimizes flow capacity. The AV03 valves feature flow of 0.3 Cv, and the larger AV05 feature flow of 0.7 Cv. The plug-in design allows for quick valve change-out. Using the AVENTICS AES (Advanced Electronic System) you can add bus modules, I/O, or an E/P (electro-pneumatic pressure regulator).

  • Up to 45% less space than similar valves
  • Lightweight, polymer design
  • Up to 128 valve coils per manifold
  • Valve type: Spool valve, zero overlap
  • Flow: AV03: 0.3 Cv (300 l/m), AV05: 0.7 Cv (700 l/m),
  • Manual Overrides: Locking or non-locking styles
  • Electrical Voltage: 24 VDC
  • Power Consumption: 0.55 W

Series AV03/AV05 Information

ES05 Essential Valve Series

ES05 valves

ES05 is a valve system that has been designed especially for standard pneumatic applications and industrial automation. With flows up to 0.61 Cv, ES05 is sufficient to cover the majority of applications. Simple, flexible and efficient – without the bells and whistles. Only 25 part numbers required for any inch or metric configuration, both inline valves and manifolds.

Uniquely designed with only one torque, one tool required.  The modular concept with low number of parts and simple assembly saves our customers time. Thanks to the notched design of the components, mistakes at assembly are nearly impossible.


ES05 Series Information

LS04 - Air Control Valve

ES05 valves

The AVENTICS LS04 miniature valve series have a valve body width of only 10mm. With the reduced size comes reduced weight, making them ideal for mounting on dynamic applications like robotic arms. The LS04 family of valves includes the inline XS model (extra small), and the inline AF models (all functions).

  • Compact, yet high performance
  • Light weight – suitable for dynamic applications
  • Integrated push-in connectors
  • Protective circuit with LED
  • Inline valves in 2 sizes, with either M8 or industrial 2 pin electrical connection
  • Quick switching times, down to 9 ms

LS04 Series Information

TaskMaster® Aluminum Cylinders

TaskMaster Cylinder

​The TaskMaster® cylinders have been the standard in the industry for nearly 50 years with their smooth, extruded aluminum design. The line has two distinct model choices – the TM-1 matches NFPA rod thread and port dimensions, while the TM-8 offers an exact replacement for the orginal TaskMaster® line. Features include standard magnetic piston, oversize rod options (TM-1 only), and port and cushion options. The aluminum bodied cylinder is available in 1 ½“ through 6“ bores (5“ and 6“ are tie rod design).

  • NFPA compatible, lightweight aluminum cylinders
  • Bore sizes from 1-1/2" thru 6"
  • Air pressures up to 200 PSI and standard temperature range of 0 to 160 degrees F
  • Smooth Profile aluminum tube design for the 1 ½ - 4 inch bores. 5 & 6 inch bore uses aluminum tube with 303 stainless steel tie rods.

TaskMaster Cylinder Information

RTC Rodless Cylinders

RTC Rodless Cylinders

The Series RTC is the latest generation of rodless cylinders from AVENTICS, building on years of experience with rodless cylinder design. The RTC features a very robust, virtually leak-free design with high speed capability. Offering inch and metric options in four main versions, the RTC can be custom configured on-line. By choosing the Easy-To-Combine option, the RTC can be combined with other AVENTICS standard actuators to build modular automation systems.

  • Oval-shaped piston provides greater resistance to side load and a low overall height
  • Available in inch stroke/ports or metric stroke with ISO G (BSPP) ports
  • Bore sizes: 5/8" (16mm), 1" (25mm), 1 1/4" (32mm), 1 1/2" (40mm), 2" (50mm), 2 1/2" (63mm) and 3" (80mm)
  • Stroke length maximums vary by version and bore size, up to 389" (9900mm)
  • Sensor magnet standard

RTC Rodless Cylinder Information

Series M - Mini Air Cylinders

M Series cylinders

Round, non-repairable air cylinders with stainless steel tubes with NPT ports and inch strokes. They are your best choice in light duty air cylinders due to their Type 304 stainless steel cylinder tube, aluminum construction of head, caps and piston body, corrosion resistant stainless steel piston rods, Buna-N seals and twelve bore sizes to choose from.

  • Type 304 Stainless Steel Cylinder Tube
  • Aluminum heads and caps
  • Twelve bore sizes from 5/16" to 3"
  • Air pressures up to 250 PSI and temperature range of -10 to 165 degrees F. High temps up to 400 F optional.
  • 303 grade Stainless Steel Rod standard up to 1 ½" bores. Stainless Steel rods also standard on all block, trunnion and KDX mounts.
  • Directly interchanges with Bimba's popular round cylinder line.
  • All common mounting styles to choose from.

Series M Cylinder Information

FRL - Air Line Devices


Aventic’s wide range of FRLs lets you choose either NPT or ISO-G (BSPP) ports. Combination units are available from 1/8” to 1” ports, filters, coalescing filters and regulators available from 1/8” to 1” ports and larger. Many options and accessories are available, including lock-out valves, exhaust (“dump”) valves, start-up valves, reverse flow regulators and pilot-operated regulators. These unique Combi FRL combines all functions of a traditional FRL in one single component package, our MH1 offers filters and regulators with 316 stainless steel construction and 1/4” or ½” ports.

FRL - Air Line Devices Information

Directional Control ValvesNumatics valves

Numatics directional control line of valves are available in a wide range of port sizes and Cv flow capacity.  The 500 and 2000 series valves offer advanced circuit board technology inside. All are Fieldbus Electronics capable. Numatics ISO valves adhere to the specific mounting footprint established by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

Directional Control Valves Information

Fieldbus Electronics

Numatics Fieldbus Electronics

Numatics Fieldbus Electroincs' Innovative Graphic Display is used for easy commissioning, visual status & diagnostics. Modular reality, no internal wiring for  valve solenoids, discrete I/O status with short circuit protection, software or manual configuration. Protocols: DeviceNet, Ethernet, PROFIBUS-DP, CANopen, PROFINET, DeviceNet w/DeviceLogix, DeviceLogix, DeviceNet, Allen Bradley 1771 Remote I/O, AS-i, CANopen, ControlNet.

Fieldbus Electronics Information


Numatics Actuators

Aluminum NFPA Interchangeable cylinders that are designed and built to excel in the most demanding applications.  Non-repairable stainless steel body air cylinders that are the perfect solution for tight design budgets.  Designed to fit tight space requirements, the low profile design and variety of mounting options make these cylinders extremely popular.  A variety of rodless cylinders including guided and non-guided versions. Extruded aluminum barrel or magnetically coupled stainless.

Actuators Information


Numatics Grippers

Angular gripper utilizes a double acting piston with a dual pivot system. The NRG series gripper offers both synchronized and compliant (non-synchronized) movement.  Numaitcs offers 2, 3 and even 6 finger grippers.  6 finger gripper design utilizes a dual acting piston to open and close gripper jaws. All six jaws are synchronized for accurate positioning.

Grippers Information

Linear Slide & Gantry

Numatics Linear Slides and Gantry

Numatics wide range of Slides and Gantry products provides guided linear motion.  From the cost effective LCX series to the Rodless Gantry Series these products provide sizes forces and precision needed for your linear motion applications.

Linear Slides & Gantry Information

Rotary Actuators

Numatics Rotary Actuators

Numatics heavy-duty rack and pinion style rotary actuator is designed to excel in the most rigid applications. The LR series rotary actuator is a low profile rack and pinion design.  The RM Series rotary manifold utilizes a unique concept in transferring air pressure thru fixed ports to rotating parts on the rotary platform.  The torque rack on the AR Series produces the rotary output torque while the control rack determines rotary stroke.

Rotary Actuators Information

Air Preparation

Numatics Air Preparation

​Numatics compressed air treatment products include filters, regulators, lubricators, emergency shut-off / soft-start valves, and accessories. This line of high-flow, modular, and in-line products include sizes from 1/8" to 1" and offer the performance and flexibility to meet today's demanding applications.

Air Preparation Information

Clayton Controls is an Aventics distributor in California. We offer technical support to help our customers solve their applications.

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