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Baumer Sensor Solutions; whether for object or position recognition, measuring, a miniaturized or exceptionally robust design – Baumer has the right sensor for every application. Different sensor functions in standard housings ease assembly for the user and limit the setup time to a minimum. Baumer can supply a wide range from inductive to vision sensors and advise you comprehensively.

Capacitive Switches Capacitive sensor

Baumer offers proximity switch for non-contact detection of liquid as well as solid objects and bulk solids.

  • High switching distance up to 30 mm even through non-metallic walls
  • Absolutely reliable even when interfered by ambient conditions, e.g. ambient light or dirt
  • Absolutely reliable detection of objects such as wafers, PCBs, paper stacks or hot adhesives up to 200 °C

Capacitive Sensors Information

Incremental Encoders


Baumer incremental industrial encoders provide precise position and speed feedback even in demanding environments.

  • Compact in size
  • Robust and modular design
  • From 24 mm design on to 85 mm hollow shaft diameter
  • Precise optical or robust magnetic sensing
  • All common installation options, HTL, TTL and Sin/Cos output signals

Incremental Encoders Information

Inductive Sensors

Inductive sensors

Baumer inductive sensors are the proven solution for safe, non-contact detection of metal objects.

  • Very small sensors with all integrated evaluation electronics and large sensing distance
  • Sturdy, maintenance-free and durable
  • Millions of them in use - highest precision and guaranteed reliability thanks to over 40 years of experience


Inductive Sensors Information

Cylinder Switches

Cylinder switches

Baumer magnetic and cylinder sensors provide large-distance detection of magnetic fields.

  • Large sensing distance up to 60 mm
  • Maintenance-free and robust
  • Fast response time ensures reliable detection

Cylinder Switches Information

Force and Strain Sensors

Force sensors

These strain sensors are the clever alternative to force measurement.

  • Quick and easy implementation in development
  • One sensor for different force ranges and applications
  • Easy and quick replacement in the event of servicing

Strain Sensors Information

Magnetic Switches

Magnetic sensor

Baumer magnetic and cylinder sensors provide large-distance detection of magnetic fields.

  • Large sensing distance up to 60 mm
  • Maintenance-free and robust
  • Fast response time ensures reliable detection

Magnetic Switches Information

Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric sensor

Achieve unique reliable object detection and positioning with Baumer optical sensors.

  • Smart & Small – top performance in smallest designs
  • Find the optimum solution quickly through large portfolio
  • Easy to set up with clever teach-in function
  • Laser sensors for detection tasks in the 0.01 mm range

Photoelectric Sensors Information

Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors

Baumer ultrasonic sensors are unimpressed by difficult environmental conditions and varying object properties.

  • Outstanding fast, small and sturdy in one
  • Unaffected by object's brilliance, color or transparency
  • Immune to dust, moisture or ambient light

Ultrasonic Sensors Information

Vision Sensors

Vision Sensors

VeriSens® is a compact image processing system in the shape of a sensor.  As a complete image processing system, it includes all necessary hardware and software. It can be configured intuitively using a PC.

  • VeriSens ID Series – read matrix codes, bar codes and optionally text(OCR/OCV)
  • VeriSens CS Series – Entry level model for feature checking in Check & Sort applications
  • VeriSens XF Series – Feature checking of up to 32 features concurrently, as well as integrated 360° position detection, lighting and 10mm/16mm lens
  • VeriSens XC Series – With integrated flash controller, C –mount lenses, CCD sensor technology
  • VeriSens Stainless Steel – Stainless Steel housing for food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries

Vision Sensors Information

Clayton Controls is an Baumer distributor in California. We offer technical support to help our customers solve their applications.

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