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Optex FA

Optex FA is one of the world's leading producers of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications with quality, affordable LED, laser, laser measurement and fiber optic sensing solutions. They are committed to providing you with what matters most - high quality sensors and the best support in the industry.

Laser Measurement SensorsOptex FA Laser Measurement Sensors

Stable, high accuracy, non-contact displacement laser measurement. Developed for precision measurement of a variety of target surfaces. 

  • LS Series 2D Laser Measurement Sensor
  • CD22 Laser Measurement Sensor
  • CD5 LI-CCD Displacement Laser
  • CD33 CMOS Laser Displacement Sensor
  • CD3 Digital display CMOS Laser Displacement Sensor

Laser Measurement Sensors Information

Background/Foreground Suppression Sensors

Optex FA Background Suppression sensors

Reliable detection of material with various colors, textures and reflectivity without being influenced by objects in the background or foreground.

  • BGS-HL High Resolution Laser Sensor
  • BGS-ZM Background Suppression Sensor
  • BGS-DLT Background/Foreground Suppression Sensor
  • BGS-Z High Accuracy Background Suppression
  • BGS-ZL High Speed Background Suppression
  • BGS-Y 18mm Lens Mount Background Suppression
  • V2 Thru-beam Sensors

Background/Foreground Suppression Information

Transparent Object Detection

Transparent Object Sensors

​Ideal for detection of transparent material such as bottles, film, glass etc. Utilizes special polarized retro-reflective sensing technology.

  • DR-Q Coaxial Beam Sensor
  • ZR-Q Bottle Detection Sensor
  • YR-Q 18mm Threaded Mount Sensor
  • SR-Q Retro-reflective Sensor
  • D2SA Separate Amplifier Laser Sensor

Transparent Object Detection Information

Laser Sensors

Optex FA Laser Sensor

Presence absence detection sensors using the latest technology in laser diodes for small targets, long distance sensing at fast speeds.

  • BGS-HL High Resolution Laser Sensor
  • D Series Laser Sensor
  • ZL Series Pinpoint Spot Beam Sensor
  • D2SA Separate Amplifier Laser Sensor
  • TOF Time-of-Flight Sensor

Laser Sensors Information

Fiber Optic Amplifiers

Optex FA Fiber Optic Sensor

Next generation digital fiber optic amplifier with high speed detection, Many fiber cables, and highly reliable cost effective amplifier with 10 turn adjustment pot.

  • D3FR Next Generation Digital Display Sensor
  • BRF Fiber Optic Sensor
  • Thru-Beam Fiber Optic Sensor
  • NF-D Diffuse Reflective Fiber Optic Sensor
  • NF-R Retro-reflective Fiber Optic Sensor
  • D2RF Fiber Amplifier

Fiber Optic Sensors Information

Photoelectric Sensor DC

Optex FA Photoelectric sensor

Thru-beam, retro, diffuse, BGS/FGS, transparent object detection, divergent, and convergent modes are all represented in many different housing styles allowing for a wide variety of installations.

  • Z3 Photoelectric Sensors
  • ZM Stainless Steel Enclosed
  • V2 Background Suppression Sensors
  • E Series Self-contained Miniature
  • Z2 Compact DC Photoelectric Sensors
  • Z Series Background Suppression Sensors
  • Y Series M18 Thread Mount
  • C2 18mm Cylindrical Sensors
  • C2S 18mm Cylindrical Side Sensing Sensors

Photoelectric Sensors Information

Color Sensors/Vision Sensors

Optex FA Color Sensor

All-in-one color area sensors that are ideal for looking at larger areas and requiring more flexibility than traditional spot beam color sensors. Color Vision and OCR sensors with built in processor for high speed applications are also available.

  • CVS1-R Color Vision Sensor
  • CVS1 Easy Series Color Vision Sensor
  • DM-18T RGB Color Sensors
  • MVS Multi-camera Color Vision Sensor
  • CVS2 Color and Shape Sensor
  • CVS4 Character Registration Sensor

Color/Vision Sensors Information

Clayton Controls is an Optex FA Sensors distributor in California. We offer technical support to help our customers solve their applications.

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