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Automation for Packaging and Processing

Sensors empowered with Industry 4.0 Technologies can help companies improve their packaging processes and reduce costs. Baumer sensors provide the required signals, data and information in the appropriate form and quality. Whether you need conventional analog, digitally via IO-Link or Industrial Ethernet.

Monitoring of fluid processes

High process reliability and resource efficiency

Pressure, level, flow, conductivity and temperature - for these important variables for the efficient control of fluid processes, Baumer offers customers state-of-the-art sensor solutions with best-in-class performance.  Superior response times and reliable, accurate measured values help you to increase process quality and save resources. With smart, field-proven sensor solutions, you can easily detect air or gas bubbles in the system, continuously measure level, or accurately determine flow even at low speed, for example.

code reading

Simple code reading designed by Baumer – Introducing the new IDC200 Multicode Reader

From the packaging industry to electronics and food and beverage production, reliable code reading is crucial. Engineered with over 70 years of experience, the new compact IDC200 Multicode Reader from Baumer provides an outstanding solution with:

  • Fast decoding speed with up to 40 frames per second
  • Ability to decode multiple codes at the same time
  • Easy setup thanks to intelligent auto setup and web interface
  • Reliable despite reflections with polarization filter
  • Comes with smart mounting system, including a heat sink and reflection avoidance

Positioning, detection and identification

Superior performance with less engineering effort

High process reliability in the control of machines and robots increases plant efficiency. Baumer position sensors and code readers are well suited for this requirement.  Systems are ready for operation more quickly because the built-in “smart” functions save time from design-in to commissioning.  The comprehensive Sensor Toolbox by Baumer for object detection, identification and positioning allows the selection of the most suitable sensor in each case.  Applications across the entire factory automation spectrum, such as assembly and handling, packaging or intralogistics, can be solved.


Measuring, testing and inspecting

Realize 100% in-line quality control efficiently

Precise in-line distance measurements and image-based feature checks ensure consistent product quality as well as increased efficiency in the production process. Compact all-in-one sensors with integrated measuring tools solve individual measuring tasks without additional programming effort. Thanks to graphical setup tools and live measured value analyses, this is particularly easy with sensors from Baumer.  A large selection of interfaces are available, thus making integration into automation systems is possible with ease.

Speed and angular position feedback

Optimal encoder integration with best-in-class operation

During mechanical and electrical integration, numerous design and measurement parameters guarantee optimum dynamics and accuracy of the system.   Whether in traditional factory automation or in control system engineering, Baumer offers the right interfaces, first-class signal performance and durable encoders even for harshest of environments.


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