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Flexible Gripper Specifically Designed for Universal Robots

The EGH is the newest member of the the SCHUNK plug&work portfolio specific designed for the use with UR robots. An electric gripper with position control of the fingers. This gripper will be set up and ready to go within 30 minutes from unboxing. All items needed will be provided in the starter kit. SCHUNK is offering an easy, highly reliable and flexible solution to provide a satisfying experience for the UR user.

  • Long, freely programmable stroke with parallel finger movements
    The long stroke of the SCHUNK Co-act gripper EGH can cater for a very wide range of workpieces. The gripper fingers are particularly suited for positioning over the entire stroke. The robust parallel movement of the fingers ensures constant gripping force at a position over the entire stroke. Height compensation for the robot is not required.
  • Easy and quick assembly
    The design of the SCHUNK Co-act gripper EGH enables the gripper to be attached to the robot quickly and easily. First the included adapter plate is attached to the robot flange using the supplied fastening material. Subsequently, due to the assembly quick-release fastener, the gripper can be attached easily to the adapter plate with the enclosed hexagon socket wrench. Finally, you just need to establish the electric connection.
  • Starter kit for simple Plug & Work
    A starter kit is available for quick and easy installation of the SCHUNK Co-act gripper EGH. This contains all the necessary components to successfully mount the gripper onto the robot and to put it into operation.
  • Staus display via LED light band
    The SCHUNK Co-act gripper EGH has an integrated LED light strip that can indicate the gripper's operating status. The light band can be illuminated in three different colors. They can be defined on an application-specific basis and controlled individually via digital signals.
  • Flexible fingers for maximum variablity
    The SCHUNK Co-act gripper EGH can be equipped with flexible fingers. These are also included in the starter kit. With two adjustable finger joints, the gripping width is easy to adjust according to individual requirements. This expands the gripper's range of application, and exchanging fingers or the entire gripper is no longer necessary.

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EGH Gripper

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