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WAGO TOPJOB®S Terminal Blocks


Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks with lever, push-button or open tool slot

The TOPJOB®S family, with Push-in CAGE CLAMP®, was the first to introduce push-in wiring for rail mount terminal blocks.  Since its introduction, new features and benefits have been added every year.  Taking yet another leap forward, the family now offers levers and push-buttons for convenient and intuitive wire termination while maintaining the vibration-proof, gas-tight, corrosion and thermal-cycling resistant connection the industry has come to expect from us.

With Push-in CAGE CLAMP® -  Levers 
Levers have long been associated with simplifying an action and the TOPJOB®S terminal blocks with lever operation are no different. With a lever on one side and a open tool slot or push-button on the other, wiring tasks are not only easy but also intuitive.

Lever Advantages:Lever option

With Push-in CAGE CLAMP® -  Push-Button
Push-button operation has been part of the WAGO product offering since the founding of the company. Primarily used in PCB and chassis mount terminal blocks, it is now offered in our TOPJOB®S rail mount terminal block family.

Push-button Advantages:push button option

With Push-in CAGE CLAMP® -  Open Tool Slot
The first member of the TOPJOB®S family and the one that started the “push-in” wiring revolution for rail mount terminal blocks. It introduced direct push-in of solid or ferruled conductors while also allowing traditional tool operation for all conductor types, just like the original CAGE CLAMP®.

Modularity provides unparalleled flexibility
DataMan 370’s proven modular design shares the same lighting, lens, and communication options as other DataMan readers, providing maximum flexibility and ease-of-use. New high-powered integrated torch (HPIT) option provides unmatched illumination power, eliminating the need for external lighting.

Open Tool Slot Advantages:open tool slot option

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